Mama’s Birthday

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Here’s a funny song you can sing to your mother on Mother’s Day.


Talk! Talk! Talk!

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The lion answers. Roar! Roar! Roar! He knows he is the king of the jungle. Watch as the lion struts the walk.

A seal slithers its black shiny body on a rock.

The monkeys are talking to each other.

What Will Float?

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Try this science activity with your children.

But what if you are in outer space?

Try this experiment with eggs and salt water.

Logs float by a river.

Which fruit will float? Apple or pear?

How do you explain the word “float”?

The Barnetts at the Library

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Watch this funny video about the library imagined by kids.

The Street Librarian– knowledge and wisdom for people in the streets

I Like Spinach

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What Is the Matter?

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Everything around is matter!

The Traveller and the Farmer

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Do you find the two stories similar?


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