Who Wears This?

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How Wool is Made

How motorcycle jackets are made


How wet a suit is made


The Diver

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Look at what these treasure divers have found!


The Pet Show

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Watch what happens when Mr Bean takes Teddy to the pet show!

The Worst Haircut In the World

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Watch as Mr Bean gives the worst haircut in the world!


Meet Mr Tan, a back street barber near Aliwal Street. This is his story.

What is the difference between a barbershop and a hair salon, anyway? What are dreads, braids, ponytails, up-dos, and pigtail? What is dandruff? How do I ask to get my hair cut? Watch this lesson for the answers to these questions and more! (Tip: Click on ‘CC’ for subtitles)

What Is In Space?

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What Is In Space?

See if you can spot these:

  • Craters on the Moon

  • Sun spots

  • Mars

  • Jupiter

  • Saturn

  • The Orion Nebula

  • The Eagle Nebula

  • Supernova

  • The Milky Way


What Is This Skeleton?

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Take a closer look. Compare the size of the humpback whale’s skeleton and the giraffe’s.

Butterfly fish skeleton


Seeds, Seeds, Seeds

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Watch an acorn grow over 8 months

Cody shows us how to grow a plant from a seed.


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