Who Wears This?

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How Wool is Made

How motorcycle jackets are made


How wet a suit is made


The Diver

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Look at what these treasure divers have found!



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You can do so much with cardboard boxes!

Let’s move to the Fast and Slow Song!

Let’s spot some yellow cars!

Learn your colours with cars.

Singapore Formula 1 Night Race!

The Great, Enormous Hamburger

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Watch asĀ Grover serves an ENORMOUS hamburger!

Can you think of other words that also mean “BIG”?









Let’s sing the Finger Family Finger Burger family nursery rhyme!



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How do eggs get from the farm to our table?

Do you know where rice come from?


A New Bed

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Let’s sing Five Little Monkeys jumping on the bed song!

Have you heard of the Karung Guni man?

The Pie

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Say “ie!” if you love Pies!

Join Super Spy and the Other Guy to find the Pie Tie!

Mummies love peas? Not really….

Watch as Ernie and Bert share an apple pie.

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