The Pie

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Say “ie!” if you love Pies!

Join Super Spy and the Other Guy to find the Pie Tie!

Mummies love peas? Not really….

Watch as Ernie and Bert share an apple pie.


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Kueh Lapis


Street art in Kyrenia: steps painted in rainbow colours


A zebra crossing outside the Russian Embassy, Helsinki painted with a rainbow.

A rainbow coloured bench.


Yummy in My Tummy

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Water Fun

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Do YOU love your bath?




On the Ground

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Can you see a caterpillar?

Can you see a snail?

Can you see a praying mantis and a spider?

Can you see a ladybird?

Can you see a grasshopper?


What is Light?

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Let Kermit the Frog and Grover teach us about light and dark.


Watch Earth live from space.

Where is the light coming from?



Stop that Snoring!

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Have you ever heard a snoring cow?

Elmo couldn’t sleep because of Telly’s snoring. What could they do?

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