On the Ground

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Can you see a caterpillar?

Can you see a snail?

Can you see a praying mantis and a spider?

Can you see a ladybird?

Can you see a grasshopper?


How Do They Move?

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How does the sea starĀ move on the reef?

How does the goat move on the slope?

How does the caterpillarĀ move on the leaf?

How does the bat move?

How does the kangaroo move?

How does the snake move?


Now show me how you move!

The Bird and the Caterpillar

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Watch how a tiny caterpillar hatch from an egg on a leaf, then slowly metamorphosize into a beautiful Monarch butterfly.

What are the Egrets doing in the canal?

Mynah birds feeding on millipedes

Let’s watch a bird eating a worm!