The Diver

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Look at what these treasure divers have found!


Under The Sea

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The sea is teeming with life. Prey and predators live together, bound in a never ending food chain.

They story Under the Sea begins with a fish chasing a shrimp- small and decidedly vulnerable to it’s larger predators . But do you know that not all shrimps are easy preys?

Mantis shrimp versus crab!

Let’s dive under the sea!

Look! A school of fish!

I see a Stingray.

Diver underwater with Stingray

Diver underwater with Stingray

I see a Sea Turtle.

I see a Dolphin.

I see Jellyfish.

Sea. See. Do they sound the same? But do they mean the same?


I swim in the sea.

I see birds in the sky.