The Zoo Olympics

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Gazelles can run very fast.

Kangaroos are good at jumping.

Sea lions are good at swimming.

Hippopotamuses are very strong.

This mighty elephant pulled the truck out of the mud!

The Elephant

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What do you think will happen if we keep feeding the elephant ice cream, chocolate and cakes?

Elephants are herbivores.

Elephants eat leaves, twigs, fruit, bark and even roots!

Watch how an African elephant eats.


Here are funny signs. Can you read them?


Monkey and Elephant

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Noisy monkeys and elephants!

Fast Fact

Some monkeys sleep in the day and stay awake at night!

Click on this link to read more about the Noisy Night Monkey (Aotus Vociferans)

Watch how this  Monkey saved the Elephant

The Elephant’s Trunk

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The elephant is a really strong animal.

In many parts of Asia elephants work with people in jungles to move tree logs from one place to another.

Let’s watch them in action.

Elephants of Asia at the Singapore Zoo