What Will Float?

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Try this science activity with your children.

But what if you are in outer space?

Try this experiment with eggs and salt water.

Logs float by a river.

Which fruit will float? Apple or pear?

How do you explain the word “float”?

Exploring Space

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How did man send a robot into space and land on planet Mars?

What Is In Space?

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What Is In Space?

See if you can spot these:

  • Craters on the Moon

  • Sun spots

  • Mars

  • Jupiter

  • Saturn

  • The Orion Nebula

  • The Eagle Nebula

  • Supernova

  • The Milky Way


Where Are We Going, Grandad?

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The Moon

A poem by Eliza Lee Fallen

O, look at the moon!

She is shining up there;

O mother, she looks
Like a lamp in the air.

Last week she was smaller,
And shaped like a bow;
But now she’s grown bigger,
And round as an O.

Pretty moon, pretty moon,
How you shine on the door,
And make it all bright
On my nursery floor!

You shine on my playthings,
And show me their place,
And I love to look up
At your pretty bright face.

And there is a star
Close by you, and maybe
That small twinkling star
Is your little baby.

by Eliza Lee Fallen