This story describes a girl’s journey to her grandma’s house. It must have been quite an adventure for her as she went on a plane, then a train, then a bus, then a jeep, then a cart and finally a horse!

What a trip to Grandma’s!

Here’s how the journey could look like!


Turn to Page 2 of the book. Notice the 2 engine-propellers? Some planes have 4-engines propellers. Here’s a video of a 4-engine propeller plane taking off!


Trains bring us to faraway places through grasslands, mountains and even jungles. 


Look at the bus, where do you think it is? Can the bus be in a city? Or does it look like a jungle?  Oh dear, what happened to the bus?



Horse – we’re almost there!

Grandma’s house is made of stone!





Here’s what Grandma might sing!