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Watch this LIVE footage of a watering hole in Kenya!

Water for the birds

Water for the bees

Water for the rivers

The river flows to the sea!

Can you spot the river mouth?

What Will Float?

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Try this science activity with your children.

But what if you are in outer space?

Try this experiment with eggs and salt water.

Logs float by a river.

Which fruit will float? Apple or pear?

How do you explain the word “float”?

Seeds Grow

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Can you spot the seeds in the watermelons?


“… it is as a metaphor for being different, making a difference, having courage, ideas, hope. It is perfect for Spring and Earth Day presentations. “One Seed” can also be a play.”

Under The Sea

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The sea is teeming with life. Prey and predators live together, bound in a never ending food chain.

They story Under the Sea begins with a fish chasing a shrimp- small and decidedly vulnerable to it’s larger predators . But do you know that not all shrimps are easy preys?

Mantis shrimp versus crab!

Let’s dive under the sea!

Look! A school of fish!

I see a Stingray.

Diver underwater with Stingray

Diver underwater with Stingray

I see a Sea Turtle.

I see a Dolphin.

I see Jellyfish.

Sea. See. Do they sound the same? But do they mean the same?


I swim in the sea.

I see birds in the sky.